What CKS Do

CMO: If you have the SOP, we will produce it ASAP 

CDMO: If you have the market of some products, we will develop and produce it for you ASAP 

CRDS: Contract Research & Develop Service. If you want to make an organic chemical to the market, we will develop the SOP for you and produce it in your factory.

About Us

CKS Technology focus on the collection of advanced information in chemistry industry, we released the latest research progress of CKS regularly.CKS is the R&D Center of King-pharm, which has 10 years experience on CMO(Contract Manufacture Organization) & CDMO(Contract Develop and Manufacture Organization). We have satisfied our customers more than 100 chemicals.

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CKS R&D Center

Life&Science Innovation Park, Qixia District, 210046

 Nanjing, China

 +86-25-5874 8998


Products Today

Order Fendizoic Acid [84627-04-3]

Order 1H-Pyrrolo[2,3-d]pyrimidine-2,4-dione [39929-79-8]

Our Companies: Nanjing King-Pharm Co., Ltd. CKS Technology Co., Ltd. Chemsigma DeWeiChem